Pinterest: My New Google

I used to Google everything.

If I needed an idea for a health fair booth for work…

Or for a kid’s church lesson…

Or a recipe for blue cheese buffalo wings…

I’d search Google until my little heart was content. Which sometimes took quite a while.

But now, Pinterest has become my new Google.  Pinterest is my now my default search engine for all things DIY.  If I want to try something new, it’s almost guaranteed that instructions and/or inspiration for said project can be found on Pinterest.

Sayonara, Google.

If I’m looking for a creative Valentine’s Day present for my secret sister, I search Pinterest.

If I want to learn how to build a chicken coop that looks like a mini-mansion, I search Pinterest.

If I need inspiration for organizing my sock drawer, I search Pinterest.

And I have, in fact, searched Pinterest for all of the above.  I admit it with my head held high.

I heart Pinterest.



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