Choppin’ Away

So like 506 years ago, I bought the Pampered Chef food chopper thingy, because it was the “must have” Pampered Chef item at that time.  And I can honestly say that up until this weekend, I was TOTALLY unimpressed with it and wouldn’t have recommended it to my dog.

There were many reasons for my lack o’ food chopper love.  One was that it seemed like an awful lot of parts to clean, especially when I could just grab my knife and keep it simple.  And I really do like chop, chop, chopping things up by hand.  It’s kind of therapeutic.  And I like to practice my knife skills (which are scary and totally unprofessional) that I’ve picked up watching random shows on the Food Network.  😉

But this weekend changed my feelings toward my chopper.   Here’s the scoop.

I made cranberry nut bread on Saturday, and had to chop up the cranberries.  Only I had a heck of a time keeping the cranberries from rolling all around on the cutting board.  So in an attempt to avoid cutting off one of my digits, I decided pulled the dreaded chopper out of the cupboard and used it on the cranberries.

BUT I used it the way that I had seen Michael Symon (LOVE Michael Symon!!)  use it on The Chew…I used it without the little base that goes with it.  So I placed the cranberries on my cutting board and just chopped away at them that way, and it was wonderful!  Amazing!  Perfection!   I was afraid it had been a fluke experience, so I decided to try that method to chop up the nuts for the bread, as well.  Again…fabulous!  Fantastic!  Magical!

I pondered the reason why this method of use worked so much better for me than the normal method, and I came up with two reasons.

  1. Normally you’re chopping against the little rubbery base (if you have the Pampered Chef chopper).  I don’t think the blades give a very clean cut against the rubbery base.  That’s one reason I hated using it…I’d chop and chop and chop and food didn’t get chopped cleanly and was all clumped together after beating the heck out of the chopper.  Super annoying and seemed like a waste of time AND energy.
  2. I also really disliked emptying out the chopper.  It was a hassle to have to take off the base, empty it, refill it, and so on.  Chopping against the cutting board was way easier.  This way you just chop along the cutting board and move the chopper along when you’re ready for the next batch of food to be chopped.  There’s no emptying it, or scraping food off the rubbery base, or any of that.  Totally saves a step, in my opinion.

I used the chopper again last night to chop up carrots, peanuts, and water chestnuts for lettuce wraps, just to see if I still enjoyed chopping food with this new method.

Yep.  Still loved it.

So I have a new appreciation for my chopper.  I don’t hate it anymore.  It’s been officially removed from my “to be auctioned off on eBay” list.  Yay!


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