Random Post o’ the Week

  • Jon is going on a hunting trip this weekend with his BFF.  He asked me how Abby and I would survive without him for two days when we couldn’t even make it a couple of hours earlier in the week.  I rolled my eyes at him, but I am secretly wondering the same thing.
  • I will say that I have really been enjoying every bite of the leftover Chinese food, however.  Enjoying it so much, in fact, that I MAY be brave enough to try it again this weekend…but I will use a different pan to attempt avoiding another catastrophe.  And my child will NOT be eating apple bits while I cook.
  • Ummm, so it seems that formula dirty diapers (as opposed to breast milk dirty diapers) are a LOT stinkier.  My gag reflex has been triggered so many times in the past few days that it makes me want to give up cloth-diapering.  Thank goodness for that diaper sprayer.
  • I used a deep-conditioning treatment on my hair in the shower this am, and am now realizing that there is a small little section that I apparently didn’t get washed out.  It’s oily and yucky and driving me crazy, and I want to leave work and go home just to re-wash my hair.  Blech.
  • There are some major sales going on right now.  Abby and I went on a bargain-hunting shopping spree on Tuesday.  We really scored at Old Navy.  I found 5 tops (for myself), and 3 t’s, a sweater, and 3 pairs of pants for Abby, all for $40.  Not too shabby.
  • My boss has been whistling “If I Only Had A Brain” all morning, which means it is now stuck in my head indefinitely.  Thanks, boss.

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