Spring Fever. Already.

Every year in February/March, I start to really get spring fever. I think it’s hitting me early this year.

Our winter here in central Nebraska has been non-existent so far. Not much snow in these here parts, which I will admit is appreciated when I have to be out and about with baby in tow. But it really kind of bums me out, because I love nothing more than hunkering down in the cozy house on a snowy day. Love, love, love it. Miss, miss, miss it.

We’ve had lots of warm-ish days this winter. And lately we’ve had some colder days, but cold days just make me long for snow even more. Cold with no snow = miserable. No fun.

So since winter is letting me down big time this year, I’ve started planning for spring early.

That translates to: I have started dreaming about my garden.

I’ve been getting seed catalogues in the mail, which I love to look through and shop from. I could spend a fortune on plants and seeds and trees. I think that may make me sound like a nerd, but it’s oh-so-true.

I think my garden dreams are even more…dreamy…this year because I didn’t do one at all last year, being sidetracked with a new kid and all. But this year I am back and I need to get a game plan in order, because I am really, really considering the idea of doing some smaller raised bed rather than using the regular garden plot, at least for some veggies.

Talking my hubby into building raised beds for me will also take time, so I’d better get started planting those seeds sooner rather than later. 😉

I’ve been tossing around the idea of using the ol’ garden plot for low-maintenance crops like potatoes, carrots, melons and pumpkins, and then doing raised beds for tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and whatever else suits my fancy this year.

Any of you ever try raised beds? Any advice to share with a newbie? It’d be much appreciated for sure! I’m finding lots of ideas on Pinterest, but firsthand knowledge is always helpful!


2 thoughts on “Spring Fever. Already.

  1. Oh Jen, you and I think alike on snow. I keeping thinking that we will get pounded with a ton of snow yet this winter. PLEASE….PLEASE!!! Ofcourse I have some requirements for this. Everyone needs to be safe and sound at home. There has to be milk, flour, sugar and eggs for any kind of baking one might decide to do. Then we need the fixins for soups, stews, Grandma Gibson comfort type cooking. Ofcourse there needs to be Tylenol and TOILET PAPER! Can’t forget the books and good movies. We can stay in our pj’s all day because no one leaves and no one comes. Are you in?

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