How Did She Do That?

I know Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest.  But after lunch, I had the urge to tackle our once-again filthy, unorganized mess of a basement.  And since I very rarely have that urge, I decided I’d better act on it.  So I left my husband on the couch and my daughter buried in her toy bin and headed downstairs to face the madness.

And an hour and a half later, I returned to what used to be our living room, but in 90 minutes had morphed into something that looked like an explosion at a Toys R Us store.  Stuff was everywhere.  Apparently my child was having a good ol’ time with every single toy she owns.

But one happy thing came out of the mess.  I’d been searching and searching for a brand new box of outlet covers that I’d picked up at a garage sale last summer.  Most of the outlets in our house are out of her reach (like behind furniture), but there are a couple that I’d been meaning to get “baby-proofed.”  But I couldn’t find those stinking outlet covers anywhere.  In typical Jen fashion, I’d put them away somewhere and couldn’t remember where.

Apparently my daughter is excellent at finding things that I misplace, because the entire box of 25 outlet covers had been found, ripped open, and dumped on the living room floor.  I’ve never been so happy to see a mess.  She found the missing outlet covers!  I have no idea where, but that’s ok.  The outlets have now been covered and the rest stored away in her closet for future use, and everyone is happy once again.   Thanks for solving Mommy’s mystery, baby girl!



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