This Week’s Randomness

– Tonight I broke the cardinal rule: never go grocery shopping when hungry. I went in for milk, OJ, and bread. I came out with chocolate chip waffles, Chinese food (orange chicken and crab rangoons), a couple of chicken cordon bleus, cranberries, and hot pockets. Not only was I shopping with my appetite, but there were some AWESOME deals in the freezer section. I can’t pass up good buys at the grocery store.

– Abby was a little underweight at her nine month appointment, so we started supplementing with formula a few times a day. I’m ok with that. Baby girl needs the fat content, and I’more than ready to take a break from nursing.

– We’re watching The Fugitive tonight. Still love this movie, even after almost 20 years.

– It was stinking cold today. If it’s gonna be cold, I’d at least like some snow to go along with it. I totally have snow envy right now; it’s snowing at mom and dad’s (again), and they’re expecting 6 inches. Sigh.

– I hate – no, let’s make that loathe – laundry.

– So far, I’m sticking with my resolve to wash up the pots and pans right after the meal. It’s wonderful! Life changing! Love it!! Love walking into a clean kitchen and seeing a clean sink every am.


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