The Biggest Indoor Garage in the World…Or At Least in Nebraska

Since going part-time at work after Abby was born, I’ve occasionally made a little extra money by selling off the contents of our home on eBay. If it’s not nailed down, it’s for sale; that’s my motto.

I have a love-hate relationship with eBay. I love making money and getting stuff out of our house by selling off our goods, but I kind of hate the humdrum of posting the listings, and answering questions from bidders, and paying eBay AND PayPal fees, and so on. Plus, there are lots of items in our house that I won’t put on eBay simply because they’re too big or odd-shaped, making them hard to mail.

So a while ago Tresia and I were talking about our love for garage sales (both shopping AND selling) and the lack thereof during the winter months, and about how we start to go through garage sale withdrawals mid-winter every year. We’re garage sale junkies. We start needing a fix come February.

And we jokingly talked about finding a place in our town to host an indoor garage sale in March(ish), to feed our addiction.

Only I’ve started thinking a little bit more seriously about it lately, and I think…it’s a super excellent idea. There have to be other people out there that miss garage sales just as much as we do during the winter months, that would come and shop (or have a booth).

I mean, I have a ton of junk in my house. And it needs to go. ASAP.

And I need to find some new junk for my house. ASAP.

So, are we crazy? Are there other people who get as excited about the idea of garage-saling…indoors…SOON…with lots of sales on one location? I think it sounds like heaven on earth. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “The Biggest Indoor Garage in the World…Or At Least in Nebraska

  1. See if you have any churches or groups (like MOPS) that would want to participate. You could even make it some sort of fundraiser. I know that if someone would organize one for our MOPS group that lots of the ladies would have booths and lots of them would shop at it. Or, come to an indoor garage sale at the Civic Center in February šŸ™‚

    • Ooooh! Fab ideas, ma’am! I like! And I may need more information on the indoor sale at the Civic Center…are there lots of booths? That could tempt me to make a weekend shopping trip to RC!

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