Hair Dye-saster

Vacation is over. I’m back on the grid.

And I have purple hair.

I guess the technical term would be “burgundy.” While on vacay, I got the urge to color my hair. I used to dye all the time, but it had been a while and my mouse-brown needed a pick-me-up.

So I bought a color that looked fun, and Sarah colored it for me. And at first, I really liked it.

But four days later, I was still scaring myself every time I caught my reflection in the mirror. That’s not good. I found myself afraid to run errands in town for fear that someone would see my hair. It was pretty bad. VERY bright. I’m not a bright hair color kind of gal…call me boring, but I like to play it a little more subtle. So when I got word that my mother-in-law was traveling to the big city, I seized the chance to get out of town and buy some more hair color to remedy my “situation.”

I knew I’d have to attempt this dye job on my own, which would be tricky, so I bought the Sublime Mousse brand, thinking it’d be easier to use than traditional color. I got a very dark brown color, hoping to cover up the mess of purple on my head.

And the mousse dye was super easy to use…only it wasn’t really all that effective. Before I even rinsed I could tell…I was still purple.


It is better now, but it’s still got that definite red/purple hue. Instead of being bright burgundy, it’s now dark burgundy. And it’s more interesting than my real color, so mission accomplished there, I guess. 😉 As my mother says, “This too shall pass.” Eventually.


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