Strange Thoughts From 1-80

We’re on the way to Indiana. My child is blabbing away to herself in the backseat, Jon is jamming out to Prime Country on the Sirius, and I am blogging. It’s kind of like we never left home. 🙂

So here are some things I’ve been thinking about. And these are some mind-blowing revelations so prepare yourselves.

– On a travel snack buying binge today at Dollar General, I nabbed a bag if Bugles. Yes, I know they are so 1993, but I still love them. I like putting them on my fingertips like they are fake nails. And they sound like bells tinkling against one another once the bag is open. They are fabulous.

– Paranoid thought of the day alert: Our bank gives out little Laffy Taffy candies when you go through the drive-through. I’m convinced the color/flavor you receive is some sort of measurement as to how fond each teller is of me. For instance, the usual drive-through teller always, always gives me yellow-banana. Yech. Does ANYONE like banana Laffy Taffy? I really think she isn’t very fond of me. But today I got a different teller, and she gave me cherry. I likey. Or maybe I’m being way to psychological about this. Or maybe each teller is assigned a particular color. Hmmm.

– My cute, sweet little girl has turned into a Gremlin. She talks with this deep, scratchy voice that seriously sounds like she’s posessed. She’s especially fond of doing it when we’re in church and it’s nice and quiet. And when she’s looking oh do adorable in her little velvet Christmas dress and all the sweet little church ladies are fawning over her…at that moment she opens her mouth and lets her true colors show. Nice, honey. I always tell her , “No Gremlin Abby,” which of course only makes her do it deeper and louder. She gets this from her father. I overheard them practicing.

– I have now eaten so many Bugles that I think I’m going to be sick. But I still love them. It’s not their fault I have no self-control.

– Shoot. In trying to think of what we forgot at home during our somewhat frantic departure, I just remembered that my cousin asked me to take his laptop back to Indiana for him. We sure are traveling eastbound without it. Dang … Sorry I forgot about that til just now, OJ.

– Whenever I say “eastbound” (like I did above), I want to bust out Smokey and the Bandit. Eastbound and down, loaded up and truckin’….

– Oh, the things you ponder on interstate drives.

– This is going to be a long trip.


3 thoughts on “Strange Thoughts From 1-80

  1. Glad you are on your way. Are you planning on being at our house for the annual New Years Eve party?Hope so! Stay alert and drive safe.

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