Baby Bullet Burn Up

So a while back, I wrote about my love for the Baby Bullet baby food blender.

We’ve only been using it for a couple of months, but it’s already become a staple on the kitchen counter.

I’ve used it to make quite a few different baby foods for Abby: green beans, rice cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, apples, and bananas…

And the kid has loved them all except for the carrots.  She wants nothing to do with carrots.

Anyway, a full batch of baby food lasts us a while, because while Abby is eating more and more solids, a batch of 12 servings still goes a long way.    So we’ve used the Bullet maybe a dozen times.

And last night, it burnt up on me.  Kind of.  I think.  I’m really not sure what happened with it.  I was in the middle of whipping up another batch of squash.  I put the squash and some water in the blender, turned it on…and nada.  I could hear the typical “whirring” noise that a blender makes when it’s blending, but I could see that the food inside wasn’t moving at all.  I kept stopping it, taking the lid off to check on the progress, and there just wasn’t much to see.  I did finally get the batch blended, but it took a lot of time (and screaming on my part) to get the squash to a semi-smooth, Abby-approved consistency.

And I kind of noticed a “something’s burning” odor, but I couldn’t see any signs of fire, so I didn’t really know what to think.

So after emptying the squash out of the bowl, I could tell that the cross blade at the bottom of the bowl (which does the chopping/blending) was loose.  And there were some black chunks in the bottom of the base, where you attach the bowl to the base.  So I took the blade attachment over to the hubster to look it over…if there was a way to fix it or rig it, I knew Jon could do it.  He tinkered with it for a few minutes before declaring it officially broken.   He diagnosed it with a bad bearing or something.

Tear.  Very, very sad.

It’s especially frustrating because I really was gentle with it.  I didn’t run it hard or overwork it…the food was always steamed or boiled until it was super soft.

In the back of my official Baby Bullet manual, there’s a page saying that they offer a one year warranty for the Bullet, so I am going to call and see what they have to say.  I’m hoping they’ll stand behind their product, because it’s very sad to me to fall in love with it and only be able to use it for two months before it peters out.   I’ve done some research on line and it sounds like these problems have happened to other people (who didn’t have much luck with the so-called customer service), so we’ll see.  If nothing else, at least we still have the accessories to use.  I really love the containers and batch freezing tray, so those will still be useful.  I can always whip out our regular food processor and mix up some food for her…we shall see where we end up.  I’ll keep you posted.  🙂   Fingers crossed…


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