I Bought My Kid A Dog Toy Today

So Abby and I were doing a little shopping at Alco today, looking for a few Christmas gifts. I was in the toy section, in search of some balls (of which Alco had none, except for those nerf ones that a baby could chew through and demolish in a matter of minutes). While cruising down the baby toy aisle, I glanced to my left and saw…



Do you remember Lambchop? Sherry Lewis? I loved watching Lambchop when I was a kid. And I had a Lambchop puppet, which has likely become a mouse nest after spending 17 years in my parents basement.

Anyway, this little Lambchop squeaks, which Abby loved. The toy has a big squeaker in her belly AND each of her paws squeak, too. Abby thought it was BIG fun.

“Hmmm. I’ve never seen a squeaking Lambchop before,” I thought to myself. That’s when I noticed the words “Dog Toy” on the label.

We were already both in love with it, so I decided to get it regardless.

Besides, I kind of think it’s totally wrong for cute, innocent, little Lambchop to be a slobbery, chewed up dog toy. It was my civic duty to save her from a unfortunate future with a viscious canine. She’ll be much better off at our house…with a baby who, in all actuality, will probably chew on her just as much as a dog would.



Yep, I think Lambchop’s destiny will definitely be fulfilled.


3 thoughts on “I Bought My Kid A Dog Toy Today

  1. Priceless! Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Travel safely if you are going a distance for the holiday. Enjoy your first Christmas with your adorable little Abby. She is a definite sweetheart, as are you! πŸ™‚

    • You make me smile, Janelle! Have a fabulous holiday…I hope you enjoy your break and time with your family! Miss you…hope we see you soon!! πŸ™‚

      • I miss you, too! This month has been crazy with activities after school and in the evenings. Hopefully things will be quieter after the first of the year. Hope to see you and Abby soon, also!

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