Dear Christmas Tree Cake

Dear Christmas Tree Cake,

There’s just something about your smooth frosting and your creamy filling and those little green crunchy sprinkles that make me over the moon happy. It’s something about that perfect blend of softness and crunchiness that creates my Little Debbie nirvana.

I am on box #3 of you for the season, and there is no end in sight.  I can’t get enough.  I have no control.

I especially love buying the super-sized version of you at convenience stores.

I don’t even care that your super-sized version adds 370 calories to my daily caloric intake.  It’s the best darn 370 calories I eat all day.

I think I may need to start a stockpile, so that once you disappear post-Christmas, I can still get my fix.

I would drive through a raging blizzard to get my hands on one of you.  (OK, so that actually happened.)

You. Are. Fabulous.

Love, Jen


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