Stinking Cold

Hello, winter.

The temperature at our house this morning: -12.

Due to the extreme temps, we finally had occasion to try out Abby’s baby fluff suit.

She hated it.

By the time we got to Tresia’s, she was screaming her poor little head off.

I don’t blame her; I’d hate wearing that crazy thing, too.  I felt clausterphobic just looking at her.

Once I stuffed her into it, she totally reminded me of the little brother on “The Christmas Story.” You know, when the mom shoves him into his snow suit and his arms stick straight out to each side, and then he falls over and can’t even move enough to get up out of the snowdrift he fell into…

Yes.  That was totally my child this morning.

But she was absolutely cracking me up in the car.  She kept batting at her toy bar with her little arm and it totally reminded me of a seal.

Poor Abby.  But at least she was warm.  -12 isn’t anything to mess around with, kid.


4 thoughts on “Stinking Cold

  1. Adorable picture once again, and you gave me a good chuckle. 🙂 I felt like that kid from the movie this morning, too. You know it’s bad when my windows start to frost over while I’m at the fitness center in the wee hours of the morning! I’m sure once Abby saw Aunt Tresia, her frustrations calmed down. Happy Tuesday!

    • You crack me up! And once again, you’re my hero for going to our freezing cold fitness center in the middle of the night on the coldest morning of the year. Amazing! See ya tonight (hopefully)!

  2. She looks so cute although not overly happy! I remember one winter Sunday when Sarah was about seven months old. We put her snow suit on and went to church, took the snowsuit off at church put the snow suit back on when it was time to leave church. Stopped to see Grandma Grove took the snow suit off and put it back on when it was time to leave her house. Took the snow suit off when we got home, put the snowsuit back on when it was time to go to Sunday night church, Took the snowsuit off when we got to church , put the snowsuit back on when it was to go home, took the snowsuit off when we got home. Put the pj’s on, (Sarah and me) and fell into bed exhausted!

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