A Crafty Christmas – Day One

Thanks to Pinterest, ideas for homemade Christmas gifts have flooded my mind.  It seems like everyday I come across cute, clever Christmas gifts that I could easily make.

If I made the time to actually do them.

My other problem is that I just love to go Christmas shopping so stinking much.  That’s really my downfall.  It’s not so much about my ability to make Christmas gifts…I just love shopping and finding bargains that those desires often squelch my crafty vibe to a pulp. Darn it.

But alas, I have found a few gift ideas that are so adorable and easy that I must do them.  And I must share them.  They are quick.  They are simple.   And they are oh-so-cute.  So from now until Christmas Eve, I will share one idea a day with you (in addition to my regular, non-Christmas-gift-related posts).  So enjoy!  And be inspired!

Crafty Christmas Day One – Christmas Cookie Dough

I love, love, love this present.  I want to make it for myself, I love it that much.  I think I’m going to do this for Jon’s boss and his wife this year.  You just mix up some cookie dough (I plan to do sugar cookies), shape it into balls, freeze them, and then package them up.  So sweet and simple and good.  I ordered some of the containers and labels from Garnish – the containers are $1.10 each and the labels are $1.05 for nine labels.  So affordable! I am in serious love with Garnish – I could write a whole post just about how much I love their stuff.  The Garnish blog has a mountain of fun ideas, so if you like this idea, I’d recommend settling in with a nice cup of coffee, heading to their site, and exploring their blog…lots and lots of fun stuff.  I found plenty of homemade present ideas there.

Oh, in addition to providing this fun idea, the wonderful folks at Garnish even provide Martha Stewart’s sugar cookie recipe.  Mmmmmm.

I’m planning on doing up a big batch of batter, and even if they don’t get used for gifts, I can just keep them frozen for later use.  Love it!  Thanks, Garnish!



2 thoughts on “A Crafty Christmas – Day One

  1. Thanks Jen for such a sweet post! Have to admit that this is a personal favorite and always a huge hit. The best part is it’s super easy and quick to do. It’s amazing how much less time is taken out of the whole “making cookies process” when you lose either the baking (gifting) or making (for the receiver) out of the equation. Have fun with it all!
    Wishing you, and your readers, a holiday season filled with joy, laughter and fantastic moments!
    – Suzanne @ Garnish

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