A Letter to Me

Dear Self…

  • When writing your grant progress report that is due in less than 48 hours, please be diligent enough to save it before closing out of it.  Otherwise you will lose all content, thus putting you even further behind schedule.
  • Be sure to convey your undying love and affection for your husband when, at midnight, he searches the basement for electrical tape to place over the super annoying green/red blinking light on the baby monitor so that you can get some much needed gosh darn sleep.
  • Resign yourself to the fact that you didn’t get enough fabric ornaments sewn for the Christmas tree, and find a plan B for baby’s first Christmas.  Don’t try to force sewing 53 more ornaments into an already booked week.  You will regret attempting it and your sewing machine will quiver in fear every time it sees you henceforth.
  • As you sit at your computer at work on Cyber Monday watching sale after sale pop up, consider the fact that you left your wallet at home a hidden blessing.  Remember your resolve to make as many gifts as possible, and see this as a very helpful means to an end.

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