Thankful Thursday

Busy, busy week.

As usual, I am scrambling to get things ready for the big craft fair this weekend.  Procrastination is the story of my life, and I hope to one day conquer it…but it obviously won’t be this week.  I get such a thrill out of making stuff that the last-minute stress I’m feeling is an enjoyable stress…if that’s possible.  I’m excited to see what the weekend holds.  And I’m excited to reclaim my dining room table next week when it’s all over and I can finally put the power tools, pliers, and paint supplies away. So this week, I’m especially thankful for…

91.  Crafting with Tresia.

92.  Pinterest – for supplying me with inspiration and instructions.

93.  A hubby who happily watches the baby girl while mama sands and paints and nails things together.

94.  Etsy…for giving me an outlet to peddle any goods that don’t sell at the craft fair.

95.  Having every known power tool on the planet at my disposal, thanks to Jon’s obsession with DeWalt.

96.  Good weather that’s allowed us to work outside more often than would be expected in November.

97.  Tiny paintbrushes.

98.  Imaginations.

99.  Motivation.

100.  Procrastination.  😉


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