In Honor of Craft Fair Week: Tips for Having A Craft Fair Booth

So, Tresia twisted my arm into having a booth at the local holiday craft show again this year.  Or maybe it was the other way around.  Hmmmmm.

Regardless, we have a booth waiting for us.  I don’t know how many items we’ll have ready to go by then, because we seem to procrastinate and stay up way too late the night before the fair to get things ready, but hey, that’s part of the fun.

We’re going a different route this year.  Usually we have little bags and key chains and holiday decor and any other miscellaneous item that we can come up with.  Sewing is my thing.  However, sewing is not Tresia’s thing.  AT ALL.   So we’re stepping away from sewing and going another route this year – woodworking, which is TOTALLY up Tresia’s alley.  We’ve been having loads of fun getting items ready this year.

The fair is this coming Saturday. In honor of craft fair week (and I do LOVE craft fair week!), I’ve compiled a little list of tips on having a booth at a craft fair.  Trust me, we aren’t experts at this at all…we’ve just learned a lot of lessons the hard way.

  1. Don’t put too many items out…it makes it hard to focus on your handcrafted goodies!  Keeping things tidy and simple will make it easier for your customer to focus in and shop.  I always, always, always struggle with this.  My booths usually look like rummage sales, because I end up just piling things on ’til every square inch of the table is covered.  Not good.  Stay focused with your layout and design.  Make it pretty and appealing and SIMPLE.
  2. Be friendly.  Smile!  Be welcoming to the customers who take time to shop at your booth.  Look like you’re happy to be there…even if it’s two hours past lunchtime and your stomach is in major protest mode. Nobody wants to shop at a booth who’s host looks miserable.
  3. Make sure to price everything.  (I personally hate to shop at booths that don’t have prices marked.)
  4. Always, always, always take tape and scissors along.  You will need them.  They will save your life at some point during the event.  Avoid the headache and pack them with your booth decorations now.  Take it from someone who has either bought or borrowed one of the two at nearly every craft show she’s ever done.
  5. If possible, offer some sort of demonstration or activity to draw people in.  This isn’t something we’ve tried, but speaking as a shopper, I love it when booths have something going on.  If you’re selling baked goods, offer a sample.  If you’re selling rag rugs, make one as you’re sitting at your booth.  It not only gives you a conversation starter, but it makes people feel more comfortable and able to linger at your booth.  I’ve been trying to think of something to do at our booth this year and haven’t quite found the perfect idea…but I still have a couple of days.  🙂

So those of you that have done craft fair booths (and I know you’re out there!), what other tips do you have?


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