Sew Sweet Patterns

So a while back, I bought a few patterns from Sew Sweet Patterns on Etsy.  They were .pdf patterns, which I am really in love with lately.  In my opinion, .pdf patterns are tons easier than traditional patterns when sewing, for lots of reasons, including:

  1. I can’t lose them.  The pattern is sent via email, so I just save the file, or even easier, just print a copy then and there, and I’m ready to roll.  And if I misplace the pattern pieces (which does happen in my life more often than not), I just go into my email and print off another copy.
  2. I can print the pattern pieces on card stock, which is way more durable than pattern paper.  So if I’m sewing many quantities of an item, the pattern holds up much better over time.

I love the patterns I’ve purchased from this shop, because not only are they stinking adorable, but they are stinking fast to sew and EASY.  I love fast and easy!!

One of the patterns I purchased for my kid is the Janey dress.  Love this pattern, because it can be a dress or a long tunic.  So the first one I sewed was ultra-cute with some little black baby leggings:

And this is another Janey, paired with Ab’s ruffle jeans:

I know its hard to tell in my crummy iPhone pics, but they are too cute in person.  They have loads of patterns…mostly for girls, but some for little guys, as well.  I’ve also purchased their Jessi dress pattern and the adorable ruffle pants that I posted about a while back.  Love, love, love.  Highly recommended!!


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