Wind, Wind, Go Away

We’ve been hiding out indoors lately, because if we go outdoors, we would be blown to Canada.

The wind is so stinking strong today that…

– Both dressers that are outdoors waiting to be refinished were blown over. (Yes, we have had dressers sitting in our front yard for a week and a half now. No, I am not proud of that. Laziness has kept me from hauling indoors, just to drag them back out once Mom is here to help me refinish them next week.)

– When I have been forced to venture outdoors, my hair has gotten so windblown and tangled that it will probably take me two days and a full bottle of detangler to get the knots out.

– I haven’t seen our dogs in 24 hours. They must hate the winds as much as we do.

– Our yard is full of corn husks from neighboring corn fields.

– Trash in our “To Burn” bin is overflowing, because taking it out to burn now would spark a wildfire that would spread three counties wide.

So we’ve stayed indoors, where Abby has been perfecting the art of army-crawling. She’ll be a pro in no time!


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