Good News

We received the most amazing letter in the mail last week.

But before I get to that, here’s a little background on our situation.  I didn’t have maternity coverage on our insurance policy when I got pregnant, so we have to cover 100% of my maternity/prenatal expenses.  That adds up, let me tell you, especially when you add in a c-section.  Yikers.

The hospital where Abby was born has a financial assistance program.  You can apply to have your bill partially reduced. We figured it was worth a shot, so we applied back before Abby was even born and received a letter from them last week saying…

Our bill had been reduced by 75%.  That is HUGE!  We are talking about several thousands of dollars…forgiven.  Forgotten.  Erased.

I cannot tell you the relief that washed over me at the sight of those words.  I know lots of you have been praying for us (thank you for that!), so I wanted to pass along this latest blessing.

Throughout the past few months, we have seen God meet our needs over and over.  It’s been amazing to see how His timing is perfect…it’s reassured us that He does care about every little detail in our lives.  Even though I doubt and feel overwhelmed about our situation, God has complete and total control over it, and He meets our needs in situations that seem impossible  time and time again.

We don’t have lots of extra cash flowing right now, but I’ve prayed over and over for Him to stretch our dollars enough so that our bills and basic needs are met.  And somehow, He does it, every single month.  We are so blessed!  And I have learned over and over throughout all of this that having a doubting, fearful heart is a waste of time and energy.  God is bigger than all of my worries and fears, and He cares about every single issue we face.  I’m so thankful for that today.


9 thoughts on “Good News

  1. So happy for you guys. I have had to learn that lesson many times myself. I know how it feels to have those bills rolling in and not know how you are going to pay them. God always gives us enough!! Just not so much that we quit trusting him for what we need!! Aren’t answered prayers wonderful!

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