A Porch-Painting Kind of Weekend

A nearly empty can of exterior primer had been sitting near our back door for a few weeks.  Thursday afternoon I finally started a project that has been two years in the making: priming and painting our back porch.

White porches make me happy.

A few years ago, Jon built a new porch for the back door.  He did a super duper job on it.  He also put some white lattice on the bottom part of the porch, to keep our mutts from running in and out and all around it.  I appreciated it because those dogs were driving me batty with creating little dog trails that went under the porch.  Argh.  But the white lattice against the wood porch made me nutso.  So it began waaaaaaaay back then, my desire to paint the porch white.

It intensified last fall when we got new siding and trim on the cozy house.  The white edging around the windows and doors was so cute, and the wood porch just didn’t fit in.  At all.  But I didn’t want to paint while I was preggo, so I put it off for a LOOOOOOOONG time…until last week.

Let me tell you, I totally underestimated the effect that a fresh coat of paint can have on something.  It’s like we have a brand spanking new porch.  And I think it looks stinking cute. I keep finding excuses to go outdoors just so I can look at it.  I know that some people don’t care for painted wood porches…but I love slapping a coat of paint on anything wood.  Wood + paint = a happy Jen.  I’ve been kind of neglecting my house lately, and it feels so good to have tackled a project that makes it look nicer.

In other porch news, Jon brought home this little red chair a while ago – he found it in one of the buildings at work and they were just going to throw it away, so he decided to bring it home.

Isn’t it cutesy-wootsy?  It’s little bitty – only about three feet tall.  I know I’m going to repaint it, but I kind of like the rustic look of it, too, so for now it’s going to stay as is.  It will definitely come inside when the weather turns yucky and cold, but for now, I’m excited to give it new life on our freshly painted porch.  Maybe add some mums and a pumpkin or two.  Love, love, love!


6 thoughts on “A Porch-Painting Kind of Weekend

  1. If you can get Jon to make a little table to go with the little chair you will have endless uses for it in the future! My girls love to have special lunches on the little table or sit and color or have a tea party or make a tent… You get the idea 🙂

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