Confessions on a Sunday Evening

– I think I ate 23 peanut butter cookies today.

– While making said cookies, Jon hijacked some of the dough and made the biggest PB cookie in the world. Or at least in Nebraska.


– Instead of tackling my ever-growing list of sewing projects this weekend, I junk-jaunted the days away. And it was glorious. (More on this later.)

– My phone’s camera started working again, as suddenly as it stopped working three weeks ago. I have been using it nonstop ever since, living as though every picture I take may be the last. I missed it. Greatly.

– In other technological news, Matt took my laptop to Norfolk to try and doctor it. Dare I hope that it will someday run again?? Yes, yes I think I do dare.

– I absolutely love how taken my daughter is with her dad…and vice-versa.


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