Thrifty Gifting

I’m planning to make quite a few Christmas gifts this year.  Thanks to Pinterest, I have discovered a TON of cutesy little projects.  I usually end up making a couple of everything because I love them all so much and want to keep one for myself.  🙂

So in the interest of not ruining Christmas for my loved ones, I’m not going to share what I’ve been making here.

Which is killing me, for real.  I’m bursting to share them with you and it’s only September.  Three more months to hold the secrets in.  Sigh.

What I can say is that one particular little project requires dried lavender.  And I was at a loss as to where to buy some until I remembered…

I have some growing in the flowerbed by our bedroom window.  Duh, Jen.  Sheesh.

It’s a little flowerbed that is stunning when taken care of…full of black-eyed susans and white daisies and lilies of all colors and of course, lavender.  But this summer it has been mostly ignored.  Until now.

We are talking about a HUGE lavender bush.  It comes up to my chest level, so it’s not like it’s been hidden underneath other plants or anything.  Not sure how I’ve ignored it and not noticed it.  Well, I’m definitely noticing it now.  And every chance I get, I’m clipping lavender twigs to hang and dry indoors.

Oh, how I heart lavender.  Especially when it’s growing outside my window.  And especially when it can help turn an “okay” gift into a super duper gift.


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