Sunday Sunrise

I’ve been dying to get out and take some early morning pics for about the past week or so.  I can see the sunrise from our living room, and they have been stunning lately.   Fog hovers over the river and creates some pretty spectacular scenes.  One morning last week, I loaded Abby in the car and we went out in search of some photo opps, but by the time I figured out where I wanted to go, the fog was lifting and I shot nada.  Sigh.

On Sunday morning Abby woke up around 6:00ish. I fed her and she fell back to sleep.  I looked outside and saw that it was a little foggy down by the river, so I left my hubby and baby sound asleep in their beds and snuck out.

It was a glorious morning.  I love that each morning is brand new, unique, never seen before and never seen again.  I didn’t get a ton of shots, but that was ok.  There was just something therapeutic about the hunt for great pictures.  So here are some shots from my early morning photo jaunt.

I love fog.




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