I’ve been very whiny lately.  I figured it was best to just stay away for a few days.

Here’s the fact-filled account of my recent technological misery in all it’s glory.

My laptop died.  I am missing it dearly.  Now it just sits on the couch and gets used as an over-sized coaster.  I don’t know what happened to it.  I called my computer-tech-y brother for assistance and when I described the problem, all he said was, “Uh-oh,” which is the most heartbreaking sound in the world of computers.  He’s sending me a little thing-y in the mail to at least attempt to recover the items on the hard drive.  I’ve only backed up all my pics and files once since Abby was born…why do I always learn the back-up lesson the hard way?  Sigh.  Hopefully all is not lost…but I’m not holding my breath.  No laptop also means no internet at our house, which doubly stinks because…

My camera phone has also been giving me fits, which means boring blogging (no pics to go with posts), no selling on eBay and Etsy, and most importantly, no sharing of Abby pics/videos/Skyping with my parents.

I get so frustrated when things don’t work the way they’re supposed to.  It really makes me crabby.  Not an attitude I’m proud of, but there you have it.

Deep down I know that I just need to chill out.  In the grand scheme of life, these are far from eternal, life changing problems.  Yes, it’s inconvenient, but it really won’t matter down the road.  I can still accomplish things like eBaying and blogging; it just takes more time and patience to do them “the old fashioned way” – that is, using my real camera, uploading pics, using the computer/internet at the fitness center, and so on.

So please, bear with me as I struggle through my technological difficulties the next few days (or weeks…goodness, hopefully it won’t be much longer than that).

Sheesh.  What a depressing post.  It could be worse…at least my sewing machine isn’t broken.  Yet.  (Knock, knock, knocking on wood.)  Things will hopefully be back to normal soon.



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