A Day in Lincoln

I went to Lincoln on Wednesday for a couple of meetings for work. I still struggle sometimes with leaving my baby…Wednesday was one of those days. But she was in good hands at Grandma Schauer’s house, so I made the most out of my trip to the state capital.

My meetings were at the State Building downtown. Can I just say that they have THE BEST mother’s room I have ever seen. I was so impressed. I kind of wish that I could work in that building just to have access to the mother’s room. The room is locked, so you know you’re not going to get walked in on. It was divided into three little private stations. Each station was equipped with: Dove chocolates (need I say more??), a cd player, relaxing music, a board to hang your baby’s picture on, Lysol wipes and spray and hand sanitizer, and loads of magazines and breastfeeding info. I felt so…comfortable. And relaxed. I wanted to move in.




I am a germ-o-phobe, I admit it. So the other thing I loved at the State Building were the door handles in the restrooms. I hate having to touch the doors after washing my hands…they had a brilliant solution to this that I’ve never seen before.


Have you seen these? You hook your arm around it to pull the door open, so you don’t have to touch the door with your clean hands. Come on. The public health part of me loves this. (Holly! Have you seen these before?? You could have invented this!)

So after my meetings I sadly said goodbye to the state building and made a couple of stops on my way out of town. Jon needed some new jeans, and The Fort actually had his size in stock…it’s really, really hard to find a store that carries 30×40 slim fit Wranglers, so that was fabulous.

And across the way from The Fort is MilkWorks. It’s a store that has anything and everything you could need for breastfeeding and babies. I’ve been dying to go there. I needed a new part for my pump, so it was great to have a reason to check the store out. They have tons of cloth diapers, breastfeeding gear, and other fab baby items. I didn’t have money to buy much of anything other than what I went for, but it was just so fun to look and browse at all the cuteness. If you need to find a cute baby item, totally check them out. Good thing I live 170 miles away from them, because a girl could spend lots of money there! 😉

Thanks for a great day, Lincoln!


One thought on “A Day in Lincoln

  1. I loved MilkWorks when we lived in Crete. I just couldn’t resist touching all the fluffy cloth diapers, and I totally plan on going there when we have another one to buy a new carrier or wrap. Love, love, love MilkWorks!

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