Playing Catch Up

It has been a week for doing…but not blogging. I feel like I’ve been busy, but it’s been a boring type of busy…mopping floors, tackling mounds of laundry, scrubbing tubs, and washing dishes, dishes, and more dishes. So in summary…

-Tresia and I both decided that we’d like a break from being grown-ups.

-Abby has been enjoying her quilt from Ruth Farmer.

-She’s been so much fun this week. She laughs and talks and smiles…and drools and drools and drools. I think I caught her one grumpy moment on film:


-I decided I’d like to try sleeping with one of those blindfold things that cover your eyes. It seems like such a luxurious way to sleep.

-Still selling stuff on eBay like a mad woman.

-I’ve made about a zillion refrigerator pickles…more on this tomorrow.


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