I’ve been dying to get some babylegs for Abby. Babylegs are kind of like leg warmers for babies. They’re just stinking cute with a onesie. Adorable. So I bought some cute socks and found a tutorial online on how to make them and here they are:



I heart them. And I am totally making some for Brynley and Addie, too. I think they literally took maybe 10 minutes. Love!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Babylegs

    • The socks were $3 a pair (these were the only ones I could find at walmart- it’s not sock season, apparently) and babylegs are $10/pair. I’m gonna keep an eye out for cheap socks now that I know I can make them!!

  1. Ok Jen, get ready. Lily had no less than 25 pairs of homemade babylegs during her baby phase. Best place to get them, Target. In the fall, they’ll be a dollar a pair. That’s a lot of babylegs! 😛

    Which tutorial did you use? Have you seen the ruffly lettuce edge ones? Those were my favorite!

    • 25 pairs! I love it! And I totally understand it!! 🙂 The tutorial I found was at I’ve never seen the ruffly edge ones, but I am already in love with them from how cute they sound. I’ll have to find it and try it!!!

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