CJ’s Love

Sooo occasionally Abby has a little red bottom. Nothing serious, but I was in need of a diaper rash product that is safe to use with cloth dipes. Normal diaper rash stuff isn’t recommended because zinc oxide can cause repelling and build up and that is no good.

Our doctor told me about CJ’s BUTTer, which is great for skin care in general, but is really great for diaper rash. Its all natural. And, extra bonus, it’s cloth diaper safe.

So I found some online at Abby’s Lane, a fab place to buy cloth diaper goods, and discovered that CJ’s comes in a tub or a stick, and about 357 scents to choose from. I decided to order the stick for easy application to the diaper area, and finally settled on trying the Pink Sugar scent.

It arrived yesterday, and I think I am going to be using it myself as much as Abby. It is the best smelling stuff ever. Seriously. I tried it on my hands as a lotion – love. And Abby had some dry skin patches that I applied it to – cleared them right up. LOVE. The child will be wearing it head to toe soon. Well, we both may be, actually. It’s divine. I found the company’s website, and they sell mini-sizes of all the different scents. I think you can get 8 for $10 or something. I think I’ll try that it the future, and then I’ll have little CJ’s to have in the car…and at work…and at the fitness center…oh, and in the baby’s room. That’s right.


2 thoughts on “CJ’s Love

  1. You like free….best diaper rash clearer upper…browned flour…thats right brown some white flour in a pan until it is the color of a light to medium brown, cool and apply like powder. Used it for 15 years on many sore bottoms.

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