In Summary

This week…

– I got out the bread machine to make some bread. I forgot to put the little mixing paddle in the pan and didn’t realize what I’d done until the baking cycle was nearly finished. I don’t recommend doing that.

– Abby started rolling over! During a few attempts, she was wearing an especially bulky cloth diaper, which made it really hard for her. She didn’t like that.

– I sold enough stuff on eBay to pay a medical bill.

– I encountered a snake on my way from the car to the house and didn’t scream like a baby. Progress! I did try to sic the dogs on it (which, sadly, they ignored) and squealed very loudly in my head as I crept around it…far, FAR around it.

– I love my child, but I also love it when she goes to bed for the night and leaves me with some “free time.” Is that awful?


5 thoughts on “In Summary

  1. No, you are not awful! You are just still your own person. You have added mother to your identity but you did not lose the identity that you had before that 🙂 Good job on the snake! We have some living in our wood pile if you need some more practice. So, what sorts of things are selling well on ebay?
    I love hearing from you!

    • LIVING IN YOUR WOOD PILE? I didn’t think about that…I bet we have some in ours, too! Yikes!! I’m taking the Dave Ramsey approach to selling stuff…if it’s not being used, it’s for sale. 😉 Last week I sold some cloth diapers that I’ve decided weren’t working well for us; those are BIG money makers. I can’t believe the money people spend on used diapers. For some reason, they hold their value. Also sold some books and videos and a few little baby items. 🙂

  2. I have had a few hockey pucks come from my bread machine too.
    And you never stop looking forward to bedtime. You still enjoy wake up time too, at least at second grade.

  3. NO..just normal. You really are a mother now. Love the baby need the down time so you can love them more… this is good.

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