As I write this, it’s 12:22 am. I’m sitting on the couch, eating leftover pot roast and watching The Golden Girls. Jon and Abby are both sound asleep next to me. I’m not at all sleepy…darn it. So I’m blogging.

I’m waiting for Abby to wake up and eat. I think she’s adjusting her schedule a little bit; the time between her feedings is stretching out. She really started smiling a lot this week, which makes my heart happy every time I see it.

Sometimes, like tonight, I feel like a bad mom for keeping her up so late and for not putting her in her bed. Its not like this every night, but it makes me wonder: at what age does it become important to have a good, solid bedtime routine? Poor baby.

I’m still working on the mysterious craft project that I promised to keep you updated on. But don’t worry…I hope to finish it this week. And I hope it’s not a hot mess that I am too embarrassed to share.

I left my hubby and baby home this afternoon and I went on a photo jaunt through the hills. I rolled my car windows down and turned up my iPod and got rejuvenated as I drove in search of photo opps. I didn’t really get any great shots, but today it was just about the experience.

Also got lots of stuff listed in my Etsy shop, which I’ve been meaning to do since before the baby was born. I just hope some of it sells. As usual I’ve also been tearing the house apart on search of more stuff to sell on eBay, too. The post office lady is becoming my new best friend. I’m thinking about trying to sell some of my photos on Etsy, too, but somehow that seems a lot more…personal than selling bags and patterns and fabric. I’ll have to ponder that.

Thanks for putting up with my late night rambles.


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