Pure Maple Cream

Becky gave me a jar of pure maple cream for Christmas.

It’s been in the cupboard, waiting for the perfect time to break it open. Today was that day.

I opened the cupboard and was drawn to it like dirt to my kitchen floor. Ok, that’s a totally gross analogy…but you get the point. It’s impossible to keep my darn kitchen floor clean.

The only problem is, I wasn’t quite sure how to use it, or what to eat with it. I cracked it open and tasted it and experienced heaven on earth.

So I just sat there and ate it with a spoon. But I’m pretty sure that’s not it’s intended method of consumption.

So I’m asking you…any ideas of ways to enjoy this yumminess? It’s thicker than syrup, but is still “liquidy.” (I don’t think that’s a word, but oh well.)

I dipped some thick braided pretzels in it, and that was ok…but what else? Fruit, like sliced apples? Not sure. But it’s divine and deserves a proper pairing.

And if you need to taste it to form an opinion, feel free to stop by…it’d be worth the trip, trust me. ;). That is, if I haven’t eaten the whole jar as a midnight snack. It’s divine.



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