Photo Session: One Month

It’s a couple of days late, but we took Abby’s one month pics today. I got some great pics…then realized that I hadn’t set my white balance correctly and all the pictures were blue. Argh! And by that point, my child was about done putting up with her shutterfly mama, so I only got a few decent pics. These were taken after she’d had a mini-temper tantrum, hence the pacifier. Maybe next month’s shoot will go better. :/

I love love love this little outfit…it has ruffles on the butt. She has almost outgrown it length-wise. Grandma and Grandpa Grove bought it for her. I found that Alco has it in the next biggest sizes, and I really am tempted to buy them so we can keep wearing it-I love it that much!





3 thoughts on “Photo Session: One Month

  1. Your 1 month photo session was a success!!!! Totally CUTE CUTE CUTE! And I think she is adorable with that little MAM in her mouth 🙂

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