Growing Up

Our little girl is growing up. I was lying in bed last night (yes, I have at last graduated from the couch and have returned to bed!) thinking about the progress Abby has made since those first days at home.

She’s sleeping in 3 hour stints at night…for the most part. Most nights are do-able now. We no longer have to get up with her every 30 minutes just because she has convinced herself that she’s hungry.

She’s becoming an expert burper. We are so proud. 🙂

She has outgrown her (my) favorite newborn sleeper.

She’s learning to let herself be soothed when she’s upset. She still hollers like a pro, but is more easily calmed. And she is figuring out that having her diaper changed is a good thing and that she doesn’t necessarily need to scream like a maniac every. single. time.

On the other hand…

She still loathes bath time.

Ahhhhhh. That’s my baby.



One thought on “Growing Up

  1. Oh my, that picture is priceless! Jessica was the same way so I know what it is like. Maybe it runs in the family? lol

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