Mints in the Making

In Jon’s family, it’s tradition to make mints for special occasions like weddings and graduations.  I didn’t know these mints existed before I met him, let alone having made or tasted any, so this was a whole new experience for me a few years ago.

We made mints a couple of Sundays ago for a few upcoming family events:  Melissa’s bridal shower, and also for Christie’s graduation.  I thought it would be a good time to document the process and share it with you.  (Thank you, Christie, for being the photojournalist during the mint-making!)

The first step is to combine a bag of powdered sugar and an 8 oz. package of cream cheese.  That’s some yumminess right there.  The whole process could end right here and I’d be content to eat it all.

We dump both ingredients into Ziplock bags and mash the heck out of them til they are well combined.

Once you have it all mashed together, you add some flavoring…(we added cinnamon oil to these mints)…

And some coloring…(we wanted pink roses, so we added just a dab of this red coloring)…

And mash it up some more until the coloring reaches the shade you want and is even throughout.

Then you begin phase two: the molding of the mints.  First you get a little bowl of sugar.

You ball up small amounts of the mint mixture, then roll them in the sugar to coat them…this makes it easy to remove the mints from the molds. Press each ball into a mold…

And then pop it out…and you have a fabulous little mint!  Aren’t those cute little hearts?

To store the mints until the event, we layer mints on wax paper and store them in containers in the freezer.  Perfect!

For Melissa’s shower, we did the white hearts (above) and pink roses.

And for Christie’s graduation mints, we used her class colors.  Her class accomplished what many before have tried to do and failed…their class colors are camouflage and hunter orange.  I kid you not.  So we experimented a little with the colors, and came up with these mints:

We didn’t attempt the hunter orange…yet.  That will be a project for another day.  But the camo ones are pretty cute!

So that is the mint-making process. You can find all the supplies at a craft store like Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s. The process goes pretty fast when you have lots of helping hands, which we did.  And it’s always lots of fun!


4 thoughts on “Mints in the Making

  1. I can’t believe you never got in on a Johnson mint making party! The Johnsons do the same thing only with a Kitchen Aid mixer instead of the baggie. We made mints for something right in Grandma’s dining room (just to give you a mental image 😉 ). I can’t remember what it was for… maybe Jocelyn’s graduation? Anyway, it’s a very fun tradition that we also really enjoy.

  2. Oh and you should have seen the daisy mints at my wedding. Aunt Phyllis made little tiny yellow balls for the centers. They were fantastic!

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