• After a weekend of accomplishing next to nothing, I’ve started to wonder when the “nesting” phase will kick in.  My house needs it badly.
  • That said, is it awful that I am using Project Simplify as an excuse to not clean cluttered areas in the cozy house?  I would hate to clean an area that’s going to be a featured hot spot.  It starts tomorroMonday – check out the link if you want to join in!
  • Why does Jon always fall asleep within ten minutes of the start of the NASCAR race?
  • I am starting to shop for a couple of new “post-maternity” outfits.  I am ready. Checking out Down East Basics…love, love, love.
  • Seriously praying that tomorrow’s predicted snow storm misses us or fizzles out.  Seriously.  14 inches of snow?  Enough already.  Please let this be the end of the white stuff.  Please.
  • I would die for an ice cold Coca-Cola right now.  DIE.  And on that note, I’d better put myself to bed so that I can dream sweet dreams of an ice-cold fountain pop.  Good night!

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