A Lovely Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I would like to declare my undying love for my camera.

Oh, and for my husband and soon-to-be-born baby, of course, but this post is about my camera.

Last weekend I attended a day-long camera class with The Camera Doctor, Alan Mais.

It was amazing.

I haven’t been paying much attention to photography lately, for lots of reasons.  Mostly I’ve just been distracted with…well, life.  Plus, it’s hard for me to feel inspired and take photos in the midst of a bleak, blah winter.  Everything outside is brown and dead and uninspiring and it kind of rubbed off on to my photographic inspiration.

But after last week’s class, I’m back.

(It also helps that it was 68 degrees outside yesterday, and 55 degrees today.  Sunny.  Warm-ish.  Hallelujah!)

I’ve been fumbling around with my beloved camera for two years now, trying to make sense of ISO’s and apertures and camera settings and functions and all that jazz.  I’ve picked up a lot on my own, but it has NOT been easy for me.  And I have miles to go toward understanding it all.  But I came leaps and bounds closer in a one day class than I had in 700 days, and now my love for photography has been renewed.  Revived.  CPR’d.  My camera and I are now one again, just in time for baby’s arrival and a whole new world of moments to capture.  And it just took one day!

In addition to sending us home with cheat sheets and manuals that will make shooting on the go so much easier, The Camera Doctor was so willing to answer any and every question, whether it was about a technical issue with our cameras, or how to take pictures of fireworks at night.

The class cost $65.  By lunchtime we were halfway through the day, and I already felt like I’d gotten my money’s worth with three hours yet to go.

We had 13 people at our class.  Five were shooting Canons, four were Pentaxians, and the rest were using various point and shoots.  And he helped us all, even though our cameras were all totally different makes and models.  It was fabulous.

Even better is knowing that he is only a hop, skip and jump away…which means that oodles of Pentax lenses are nearly at my fingertips.  I left the class with not only a lens/equipment wish list that’s a mile long, but more importantly, with a heart that has remembered the thrill of photography.  Priceless.  Totally look him up if you are in my area and smash up your camera or need new equipment or want to blow your tax return on lenses (ahem).


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