• Lately I wear more of my husband’s t-shirts than I do my own.  My belly is starting to have a life of it’s own and my t-shirts no longer get the job done.
  • I may or may not have an addiction to Teen Mom on MTV.   I had to get that off my chest. Whew.
  • In other television news, I am also obsessed with watching Matlock. I don’t care if it’s 20 years old – I love it.  And every time Matlock eats a hotdog, it makes my mouth water.  That’s the first thing I’m going to eat when I’m not pregnant anymore.  I think I will eat a whole package of them.  Every day.  With ketchup and mustard and relish.  I miss hotdogs.
  • I may not have hotdogs, but I do have cheeseburgers from McDonalds.  I can’t get enough of the little chopped up onions that they put on their sandwiches.  Those make me very, very happy.  Especially when they are soaked in ketchup.
  • We’re using Dave Ramsey’s method of paying off debt…and it’s working.  I just wish we’d started a year ago.
  • Last night was a sad night at our house.  We watched the last episode of the last season of 24.  The event commenced with a speech from my husband (and I quote): “We have wasted eight days of our lives watching that show.”  I personally think they were eight of the best days ever.  We will miss you, Jack Bauer.

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