Getting Organized: Part 2

I am the queen of clutter.   And procrastination.  And this leads to a sometimes somewhat chaotic house.  Piles find their way on to the counters and end tables and…basically any surface that is flat and can collect piles.  And ironically, the piles drive me nuts.  I would so rather have things behind closed cabinets and stashed in drawers rather than having it out in the open.  But we just run out of space so quickly.  When I clean out the clutter in an attempt to save storage space in the cozy house, it often results in dumping random items in boxes and hauling them to the basement and adding them to the pile o’ boxes that seems to multiply by the minute.

To prove that our storage system in the basement is out of control, I braved the mess long enough this morning to snap a few pictures.  Then I turned around and ran, because it is THAT frightening down there.  Please be forewarned that the following picture may be hazardous to your health.

ACH. I apologize for subjecting you to that first thing this morning.

But if I have anything to say about it, the basement storage situation (or lack thereof) will soon be remedied, thanks to a storage system that I came across while reading “The Duggars: 20 and Counting.”  (This, by the way, is my new favorite book, and I’ll be sharing lots of little tips from it in upcoming posts.)

For those of you who don’t know, the Duggars have like 20 kids (I think?) and are super organized and my new heroes in life.  They have a show on TLC; I don’t watch the show regularly, but what I’ve seen of their family amazes me.  If you’re not a big tv watcher, or if you simply love to read, I really, really do recommend their book.  It’s a pretty fast read and has miles of tips on everything from cooking to cleaning to organization to child rearing…it is fabulous.

So back to the organization thing.  The idea that the Duggars use and suggest is so simple that I feel a little embarrassed being so impressed by it.  And you may have even heard of such a system before; I had not.  So I am sharing it with you today in case your house needs an organizational remodel as well.

Michelle Duggar uses those cardboard banker’s boxes (you know, the ones designed to hold file folders) to store their stuff.  She numbers each box, and then has a master list which she uses to keep track of each and every item that is in each and every box.  She stacks them in numerical order and BINGO – organization!  So if she needs a hand blender that has been packed away somewhere, she can look on her list to find out what box it is in, and then she can ask Jeremiah to go fetch it out of Box 17.

Simplicity is brilliant.

Organization is wonderful.

Granted, when I told my husband of my plans to tackle this project before the baby comes, he laughed at me.  I am choosing to use his unbelief as my motivation, and I WILL do this before our kid arrives, if only to prove to him that he should never laugh at his wife.  Especially when it comes to projects that are going to change our lives.

Now, if we could only get around to finishing that basement…


5 thoughts on “Getting Organized: Part 2

  1. This is a fantastic idea as long as you purge while you are sorting. There is no reason to keep that hand mixer in Box 17 if you have 2 more in your cupboards upstairs! I personally like to throw stuff ASAP, therefore your piles stay smaller and you don’t have to deal with it more than once when it’s just clutter in your life anyway. Good luck! I wish I could come down and help you tackle your basement 😉 We’d have a blast!

  2. Amber, very true! I have to admit that I get an immense amount of satisfaction from purging…much to my hubby’s dismay. (He’s a little bit of a hoarder.) I wish you could come help me, too! That would TOTALLY be a good time!! 🙂

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Our houses must be twins seperated at birth! I’m so going to look up the Duggars’ book — I need an organizational intervention.

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