Over the Weekend

  1. I watched White Christmas, my #2 favorite Christmas movie.  Ten minutes into it, I had already cried twice.
  2. Of course, I also cried at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  What can I say…hormones were running wild Saturday evening.  So relieved that the hubby was out in the fur shed so he didn’t witness my embarrassing bumbling display over a manly action movie.
  3. Speaking of Indiana Jones, USA Network was having some major Indiana weekend marathons.   Love me some Indiana.
  4. Cooked The Pioneer Woman’s comfort meatballs.  They were divine.  Perfect for a Saturday afternoon with temps that barely rose above zero degrees.
  5. Slept well all weekend long, following the good report we received at our ultrasound on Friday.  Baby looked super active and very healthy!  And we found out the gender…but we agreed not to tell, so it’s a secret.  Well, it’s a secret for the time being.  Jon thinks it’s a joke that I think I can keep it a secret.  OK, fine, I’m the worst secret-keeper ever.  I’m sure I will blab at some point, but just to prove to my husband that I can keep it a secret for at least a few days, I’m going to try.  It’s killing me.
  6. Thought about cleaning our bedroom.  Read Voyage of the Dawn Treader and took a nap instead.  The perfect weekend.

Have a great Monday!


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