One More Reason to Love Hobby Lobby

I love Hobby Lobby.

I love their huge weekly sales.  It seems that the items I need are always on sale…I love that!  Especially at Christmas time.  I  could spend a fortune on Christmas decorations.

I love wandering the aisles and becoming inspired by the thousands of craft and project supplies.  It makes me happy.

I love that they play praise and worship music in the background as I’m shopping.

I love that in this crazy, fast-paced world, they close their doors and declare Sundays a day. of. rest, allowing their employees to have the day off to worship at church and spend time with their families.

And the newest reason I love Hobby Lobby:

The family that owns the company has pledged $2.5 million to my alma mater, Indiana Wesleyan University, for a building that will house the new Wesley Seminary.  You can read about the donation here.

So, thank you, Hobby Lobby.  Thanks for your generosity and your convictions and for seeing and knowing the importance of training up students who will minister to others and transform lives and communities by sharing God’s word.  Very exciting!


2 thoughts on “One More Reason to Love Hobby Lobby

  1. ok, so the new background is good, except i think my floaters in my eyes are working overtime, until i figured out that there are dots floating around on the page itself. snow perhaps? but it drives my floaters crazy! lol just thought i would let you know…hehe

  2. Hehehe! Yes, the dots are “snow” and I thought I’d try them out for a few days for fun…but I think I’m going to ditch them because they make the page load super slow, which is kind of annoying. 😉

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