• Two nights ago I had a dream that Jon was wearing one of my Cruel Girl western shirts.  He looked very pretty.  At least, I hope this was a dream.
  • Our house is completely sided.  Hallelujah!
  • We started a fire in the wood stove last night.  I love the wood stove.  In preparation for the first fire of the season, Jon leaned out the chimney and found:
    • 15,678 bean stalks, twigs and grass clippings, placed there by sparrows that are determined to live in the chimney, and
    • 11 dead sparrows that learned the hard way that it’s apparently much easier to get in the chimney than out.  Grossness.
  • I’m at that awkward stage of pregnancy when people look at me and wonder if I am in fact pregnant, or if I have just started to let myself go.  I’ll post pics this week so you all can see what I mean.
  • Last night my brother told me the worst, grossest, most awful flu story I have ever heard, and I think it convinced me to go get a flu shot for the first time in…well, ever.
  • I bought a new pillow.  It makes me wake up with a neck ache.

The End.


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