Friday Favorites: Etsy

I thought it’d be fun to share the Etsy love today.

Etsy is a website that lets crafters and artists sell their goods online.  And not only can you purchase their goods, but many shops also sell craft supplies…and patterns…and vintage stuff…it’s amazing.  Every time I visit, I am wowed by the things I come across that people have created.  It makes me feel a little inadequate…but also totally inspires me to tackle the projects I’ve been avoiding.  It’s fabulous.

I also love Etsy because I’m able to be a little more creative and personal when I’m shopping for gifts.  It gets me out of the “Walmart” frame of mind.  When I shop for gifts on Etsy, I know the money I spend goes directly to someone who made the product with their own two hands, rather than buying a cheap something or other off the store shelf that was made in China.  I’m all about buying local lately, and supporting the little guy, so I’d much rather go this route for holiday shopping and home decor.

Plus, as Tresia reminds me daily, I majorly love shopping online.  Guilty as charged.

So today, I thought it’d be fun to introduce you to some of the fun shops/things I’ve discovered on Etsy.

1.  YAVA Glass.  At this shop, you’ll find old glass beer/pop bottles turned into all sorts of fun stuff.  I especially like the little drinking glasses they make.  And I also love that they are “upcycling” products – taking something that would be considered trash and giving it a new purpose/life.

Gotta love this set of glasses, made from old Coke pop bottles:
And this one, too:

2.  Studio Mela.  These prints just make me happy.  They’re full of optimism and kindness and joy and encouragement and I am in love with them and must have one for every room in my house.

3.  The Green Hedgehog:  I am so buying this pattern for a Princess Leia Hairdo Hat for babies.  I mean, come ON.  Does it get any cuter than this?!

4. agreensleeve: Just because I love coffee THAT much, I will also be buying this pattern.  Cuteness.

5.  Christmas cards.  If you’re looking for cards that are just a little outside the box to send to family and friends this year, you should search Etsy.   You’ll find anything and everything that’s ever been on a Christmas card.  I love the variety.  You can even order digital files that are already designed for you – then you can edit, create and print on your own.  And maybe you’re like me and have the best of intentions to send out Christmas cards but never quite get it done…so maybe think about birthday cards, party invitations, wedding or baby shower invitations, and the list goes on and on.  Some samples:

By rachelink:

From InkandBeMerry – these are super creative – each card creates a manger with baby Jesus in it:

And here’s a custom photo card from LexiJaynesDesigns:

So now that you’ve seen a minuscule amount of what Etsy has to offer, go forth and shop with joy!  And let me know if you find any must have items that I can add to my shopping list, too.


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