Thankful Thursday: Back At It

Where, oh where, has my week gone?  I’m ashamed to admit that it has passed by without once visiting my own blog.  I’m back on the wagon now, and I have a few posts ready for you, but thought it would be a great day to resume my thankful Thursday posts.  There’s lots and lots that I’m thankful for today – how about you?

91.  God’s perfect timing in every. little. thing.

92.  A nice, warm car to drive to work in.

93.  A house renovation project that is 90% done.

94.  Friends and family who gladly and willingly and unselfishly offer their time to help us finish the house project.

95.  Peanut butter.

96.  Bible study at Tresia’s.

97.  Having meals in the freezer to make evenings easier.

98.  Sewing machines and patterns and fabric.  And Etsy.

99.  Creative inspiration.

100.  My mom.  Happy birthday, Mother dearest!


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