Every day I come home to this scene in my house:

And this…

Oh, and this one, too, because two awful pictures just aren’t enough torture for everyone…(and yes, that is my poor little sewing machine, buried beneath the construction madness.  It will never be the same again).

This is what happens when I leave my beloved home alone.

But he is making wonderful progress, so I am willing to live in the mess for the time being.  As long as it is temporary.

(Now. At about 9:30 tonight I will probably start hyperventilating over the fact that I have posted these disgusting pictures for the whole world to see, but for the moment, I think it’s important t0 invite you all into the chaos that has become our home.)

“It’s a construction zone.” explains Jon.

Yep, it certainly is.

All the windows have been installed.  Yay!  I didn’t think new windows could make such a difference in a house…but they really do.  I love them.

Jon’s been working on the siding this week.  He’s been tearing off the old, old wood siding and preparing the surface for the installation of the new siding.  We went with fiber cement siding for a lot of technical reasons that Jon could explain…the only input I gave toward the siding was on the color.  I think the color is totally the most important factor when picking out new siding.  Jon would beg to differ.

I guess fiber cement siding is super strong and will hold up well against bad weather (aka hail storms, which, if you’ve seen my car, you will know we have our fair share of), so that was the main deciding factor in the siding decision.

Apparently, installing fiber cement siding is really a two-person job.  It’s really heavy and hard to manage if you’re working by yourself.  Which Jon is.  We have been lucky enough to have a few helpers stop by to assist in the process, and we will be indebted to them forever.

See?  The outside of our house looks like the inside of our house lately – it’s a construction zone, too.  A complete theme.  When we do something, we go all out.  Literally.

Yesterday the siding started to go up and the installation continued today, so hopefully I will be able to snap a few pics of the beginning stages of the new cozy house exterior when I get home .  This is the old color…but with the NEW windows:

I am just in LOVE with those windows.  I can’t wait to get some cute little shutters for them…how adorable will that be?  And I have to say that I won’t miss the dark blue color.  It’s not my favorite.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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