Weekend O’ Freezer Cooking

Our deep freeze has been void of freezer meals for quite some time, so I declared this a Bulk Cooking Weekend.  I made a few recipes each day, which is an approach I’ve never taken before, but it worked pretty well, and kept it manageable and also kept me from going nuts and dropping dead by the end of the day.

I spent a few evenings beforehand scouring the internet for new recipes…found a couple, and also used a couple of goodies from my cookbooks.  I ended up making chicken spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, cheesy hashbrown casserole, pasta salad, green bean chicken casserole, taco casserole, and brownies. I had plans to also do tater tot casserole, salisbury steak, and lasagna, but I petered out before Sunday rolled around.

I ended up with 16 meals.  I’m excited about the pasta salad.  I made it to have on hand for lunches, and froze it in small batches so that I can just grab one and go.   Also excited about the brownies…the recipe says they are yum-yum with ice cream and chocolate syrup.  I’m all about that.

It’s been a while since I bulk-cooked, and I had forgotten about how great it feels to haul those meals downstairs to the deep freeze.  Ahhhh.


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