Thankful Thursday

I don’t really have anything interesting to write today.  It’s been kind of a blah week! I think we’ll keep it simple today…  here’s what I’m thankful for this week!

71. Sharpie ultra-fine point markers.  They’re my favorite.  I love them.

72.  That first glass of cool, tangy apple cider in the fall.

73.  An unexpected rainy, cloudy, thunder-y day.

74.  Little Debbie Cherry Pies.

75.  Lying in bed at night, feeling a cool breeze waft through the open window and over the covers as I’m snug and cozy underneath.

76.  Fitness classes that aren’t as disastrous as they could have been.

77.  Three day weekends.

78.  Lip puckering orange juice.

79.  Finding good deals at the Grocery Kart.

80.  Discovering long-lost freezer meals when I need one the most.


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