I have decided to become a professional collector.

Jon tells me he is a collector of guns.  I personally happen to think that this is just his justification for the purchase of more firearms, but whatever.  It’s his thing.

There are many items that I salivate over when I go to auctions or sales, and I wish I knew enough about them to decide if they are valuable, or could be someday, or if they are going for a steal, or if I am paying WAY too much for it.  Do you know what I mean?

And then there’s the junk that I just like.  The stuff that is me, that as soon as I see it I draw in a quick breath and feel my pulse start to race because I love it that much, even if I have no earthly idea what I would ever do with it.  I read somewhere that if you like an item, you should buy it (if you can afford to), because you will eventually find the perfect place or use for it.  Better to buy something you actually like than to buy something just to add it as a piece to a collection.

I am trying to talk Tresia into our next business opportunity: an antique consignment store.  And we could just go to auctions and buy junk to sell in our store for a living.  That would be heaven on earth.

I’ve been thinking lately that the only way to become a good collector of something is to learn more about it. (Now that was a “duh” statement if I’ve ever written one.) So here are some things I really drool over that could turn into collections, but that I may need to learn a tad more about to become a collector.  We may have to add on an extra room to the house to store the new collections, but we’ll cross that road when we get there.

Fiesta:  I love Fiesta.  I think I was first introduced to it when I was in high school.  I was shopping with my mom for a relative’s bridal shower gift, and the bride had registered for Fiesta dishes.  I fell in love. And then registered for it when it was time for my own wedding, and am starting to get quite a little collection.  But what I am really fascinated by is the OLD stuff.  Learning how to identify it and where to find it…well, it makes my heart quiver.  I can just picture open shelves covering an entire wall, filled to the brim with various Fiesta pieces.  Sigh.

Jadite by Fire King: I just recently stumbled across these dishes while shopping on my new favorite auction site, and I think they are divine.  I go bananas whenever I see them.   They are vintage and simple and they just drive me crazy. The more pieces I see, the more I realize that there are so many different collections and sets and variations of the dishes…I need a book to keep it all straight.  Much more to learn about this stuff before I start buying, but I am definitely keeping my eyes open.  One piece at a time…

Old kitchen utensils:  I cannot get enough of old kitchen utensils with wooden red and green handles.  In the perfect world and in my perfect kitchen, I would have a lovely, creative way of displaying these little gems.  But in my current life and kitchen, I have them stashed away in a drawer and am afraid to buy more for lack of storage.

Old enamel dishes – especially with red rims: I have no idea why I love this stuff.  But I am starting a small collection of it, as well.  I have no idea if it’s valuable or just kitschy, but I love it just the same.  This is another one of those collections that would be just that – a collection, without purpose except that of a space-taker-upper.  I just salivate whenever I see it.

Why are all my  would-be collections kitchen-related?  I need to branch out.

While I was standing in my kitchen last night, I noticed the wallpaper border.

Hello?! Jadite and enamel dishes!  It’s a sign. (Name that movie!)


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