Thankful Thursday: Progress

This week has been one of progress.  Things that I’ve been waiting for and praying about for a long time are happening, and I am thankful and excited to see what God’s going to do next.  Progress is good!

Here’s my list of thanks for the week – what are you thankful for?

51.  A clean(er) basement.

52.  Yummy new recipes that are easy to make and that don’t require bizarre ingredients.

53.  Long phone calls with my BFF’s.

54.  Reading a Bible passage for the thousandth time – and seeing something new in it.

55.  Kind words of encouragement and support.

56.  A new washing machine that doesn’t shake the entire house when it’s on the spin cycle.

57.  Peaches that are canned now so that a little bit of summer can be enjoyed in the darkness of winter.

58.  New tunes that make my heart sing.

59.  People who challenge me to think deeper and differently.

60.  Seasons that slowly fade and morph and keep our world interestingly beautiful.


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