The Great Debate

Now that summer is almost over, we have decided to undertake a major project – all new windows and new siding for the house.  Wowsers!

I think our timing is a little off, but welcome to our life.  We should change our last name to “Procrastination.”  Jonathan and Jennifer Procrastination. Mr. and Mrs. Procrastination.  I like it.

Anyhoo,  I just pray that this year, snowstorms and blizzards hold off until at least November, because come October, Jon will be spending 14 hours a day in a combine, which leaves very little time for a home remodeling project.  Hmmm.

And so begins the great debate as to what color the new siding should be.  Spouse #1 (who shall remain anonymous) has a preference for dark colors, hence why our home is currently dark blue.  (In this person’s defense, he/she thought the paint color would be more gray than blue.)  This person is determined that the color of the new siding will be dark gray.

To which spouse #2 replies, “YECH.”

Now, spouse #2 has NOTHING against dark gray – he/she thinks it’s quite lovely on most houses.  But our house is tiny.  And dark colors on tiny houses make them look…tinier. Since we definitely do not need any help in that department, spouse #2 is all for a light gray, or tan, or white, or even a green shade.  ANYTHING that isn’t dark.


I am fully prepared to have a knock-down, drag-out fight with my husband in Menards when the day comes to order the siding since we have yet to come to an agreement.  But for now, I would like to know your opinion.

What color would you choose for our house?


7 thoughts on “The Great Debate

    • Dear Tresia, you are so right…however, I assumed that since the house has already been pink once in it’s long life, that was enough. (And this is why I didn’t include an “other” option.) 🙂

  1. I’d really have to see a photo of your house to make a rational decision. It’s kind of like naming a pet — I have to see the animal and observe its personality so I can give it a name that actually fits. However, tan or light gray seem to be very classy options.

    Good luck!

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